Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a ring made from my own coin?

Possibly! There are some limitations: size, type of metal, and design.
Please email me with the size and type of coin you would like made into a ring.
I will get back to you with price and lead time asap.
It is best to never use a coin that possesses high sentimental value or is extremely rare and valuable, as there is a very small chance the coin can tear or distort during the process.
I always recommend buying two of the same coin that you would like made into a ring in case the unlikely happens
there is a backup coin!

Will the ring turn my finger green?

It all depends on your skin type and body chemistry as well as the type of metal used in the coin.
All of the coins are coated in a professional grade sealant.
Over time and depending on the how much you wear the ring the coating will wear off.
If you have a reaction you can use clear nail polish to reseal the ring.
If you have sensitive skin I recommend having the ring made from a silver proof coin.

Is it illegal to deface U.S. Coins?

It is only illegal if i was taking the coins and altering them into a higher value coin than originally made for. Like using quarters and turning them into dollars.
Making rings out of coins is completely legal.
How many museums and amusement parks have machines in them that transform your coins into a souvenir?

How do find my ring size?

The most reliable way to find your ring size is to simply go to any jewelry or department store and have them measure the finger that you need sized.


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